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Rochester Hair Stylist

If you are tired of your curly locks, or if they’ve become simply too untamable or difficult to deal with, a hair relaxer may be just the solution you are looking for. However, you should be cautious in doing so. Hair relaxers use chemicals which can prove hazardous to the health of your hair if used improperly. For this reason, it is important to find and experienced and talented stylist who has the tools and the know-how you need for effective treatment of your curls to give you the straight locks you long for. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far to find exactly what you are looking for in healthy hair treatments. Your local Rochester hair stylist at KJDesignz has exactly what you need for professional hair relaxation. The benefits of a professional hair relaxation versus using a home relaxation kit cannot be understated. By allowing for a professional Rochester hair stylist to care for your curls, our knowledgeable and expertly trained staff can perform a strand test before beginning any hair care treatment to determine the current health and type of your hair. This allows us to select the right treatment for you that will prove most effective, and the least damaging. Applying any type or amount of chemical can damage your hair, just like a do-it-yourself hair dye kit, a home relaxer kit from a local drugstore has just as much potential to cause permanent damage to your hair. For the best results and for the best health of your hair, stick to the professionals at KJDesignz. Hair relaxers come into varieties, those which use Lye, and those which do not. Again, this another choice that is best made when you have a professional Rochester hair stylist to explain to you the differences of each, before you cause damage to your hair by using the wrong one. Lye based relaxers normally produce faster results, but they can be uncomfortable for people with sensitive scalps. If you have a sensitive hairline or sensitive skin, no-lye relaxer may be the better choice for you. The tradeoff is that non-lye relaxers are instead based in calcium hydroxide, which has the potential to dry out your hair if not properly cared for. At KJDesignz our professional staff can discuss which treatment will work best for you. For the best treatment of your precious locks, look no further than the brilliant and creative Rochester hair stylist experts at KJDesignz. With a relaxer from our professional team you can have straighter hair for up six weeks, no damaging and time-consuming hair straightener required. With thirteen years of hands-on experience and professional training, you can trust Kisha L. James are her stylist team at KJDesignz to give you the hair of your wildest dreams.

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