Healthy hair truly is beautiful hair. Ask yourself this question, In what state is your hair in? If you had to rate it between 1-10 1o being thick and healthy. Natural hair styling has gone on an decline (natural hair meaning no extension ) Woman who wear extensions seem not even concerned with there own hair health underneath it all. African american woman are opting out of getting relaxers cause of the self eflicting damage they have caused them selfs while some have had the same damages by a professional. which saddens me. Relaxers are not ment to use every 6 to 8 week! for majority of woman that is a sure path to ruining your density and strength. a few tips Iwould like to leave are: -Hair needs a balance of moisture and protein -Stretch out your relaxers as long as possible example wait 3 months from last perm time then at the 3rd month get a sew in or *custom hair piece to stretch u longer -Custom Hair Piece is a safe an healthy way to have a weave. Eliminate tension, stretches relaxers. -Treatments regularly, YOU CAN DO THEM EVERY TIME YOU WASH YOUR HAIR! The more the better washing hair consistently on a regular set basis is also important -Keeping scalp hydrated from the bowl. not products just cake on afterwards. make sure your products are nourishing for your scalp as well a hair. NOW WHATS YOUR THOUGHTS…….. SECRET HAIR REMEDIES OR HAIR CONCERNS?? LETS HERE IT.